Impact Tester Charpy and Izod For Plastics

Impact Tester Charpy and Izod For Plastics

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

Charpy & Izod methods are used for the determination of the energy absorbed by the sample during fracture. The energy absorbed is a measure of the materials notch toughness. The Charpy & Izod methods are similar, however the arrangement of the specimen differs.

The Charpy & Izod methods are widely used for testing plastics and metals in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, railway and medical devices.

Key Features

  • Safety Screen
  • Touch seen operation
  • USB connection to optional software
  • Easy to use and robust design
  • Interchangeable hammers, 0.5J to 25J
  • Impact reading displayed on digital display
  • Automatic brake to stop the oscillation of the impact hammer after each test.

Complies with the requirements of the following standards
ASTM D256 / B, ASTM D256 / A , ASTM D4812 , DIN 180 , DIN 179-1 ,  ISO 179-1, EN 179-1 , EN 180 ,  ISO 180 , UNE 180, UNE 179-1

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