Impact Tester Charpy and Izod For Plastics

Impact Tester Charpy and Izod For Plastics

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

Our Charpy impact tester & Izod impact methods are used for the determination of the energy absorbed by the sample during fracture. The energy absorbed is a measure of the materials notch toughness. The Charpy & Izod methods are similar, however the arrangement of the specimen differs.

The Charpy & Izod methods are widely used for testing the impact strength of plastics, composites and ceramics in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, railway and medical devices.

Charpy & Izod Impact Tester Key Features

  • Fully interlocked safety enclosure
  • Touch seen operation
  • USB connection to optional software
  • Easy to use and robust design
  • Interchangeable hammers, 0.5J to 25J for both Charpy & Izod
  • Resolution: 0,001 J and 0,1 KJ/ m2
  • Impact reading displayed on digital display
  • Automatic brake to stop the oscillation of the impact hammer after each test.
  • Optional software for further analysis of the results

The Impact Tester complies with the requirements of the following standards

ASTM D 6110 and ISO 179 (Charpy tests) – ASTM D 256 and ISO 180 (IZOD tests)

Manufactured in Spain by Metrotec, AML is the exclusive distributor for their extensive range of test equipment. We fully support for sales service and calibration.

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