Charpy or Izod Impact Tester 150 to 750J

Charpy or Izod Impact Tester 150 to 750J

Manufactured by Hoytom

Charpy or Izod Impact Tester, also known as the Charpy V notch tester, determines the amount of energy absorbed by the material being struck by the hammer during fracture. The energy absorbed is a measure of the materials notch toughness. This is a widely used test as it easy to use and relatively low cost.

The pendulum impact tester can run tests via its inbuilt touch screen controls, its operation is simple and intuitive.

Charpy or Izod Impact Tester is enclosed by and electrically interlocked safety screen to ensure safe operation of the tester.

Key Charpy or Izod Impact Tester Features

  • Available capacities: 150, 300, 450 y 750 Joules3 Year Warranty
  • 3 year warranty 
  • Automatic test initiation upon closure of guard door
  • Ability to run quick test cycles
  • Control interface with Touch Screen
  • Self-centring specimen placement grips (According to ISO 148-1 and ASTM E23)
  • Automated and mechanised lifting of hammer from the control panel
  • Automated braking system
  • Manufactured in Spain by Hoytom

Exceeds the requirements of ASTM E 23 –  ISO 148-1EN 10045

Charpy or Izod Impact Tester Options

  • Concrete impact tester fixing base to ensure full compliance with the standards
  • Automatic centring stop
  • Data acquisition software for connecting machine to a PC.
  • Automatic or manual broaching machines
  • Cooling bath for low temperature testing
Capacity Joules 150/300/450/750
Release angle Degrees 150
Pendulum length mm 800
Maximum impact speed m/s 5.42
Resolution Joules 0.01
Dimensions(W x D x H) mm 2110 x 700 x 2110
Net weight Kg 1300
Power supply V 220
Power w

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