Digital force gauge FS


Manufactured by Sauter

Digital force gauge FH-S from SAUTER GmbH in Germany

Premium force gauge with integrated measuring cell (optional) and connection possibility for up to 4 external measuring cells

  • 3.5″ touch screen
  • Standard version with 2 or 4 measuring channels for external force sensors (subsequently expandable from 2 to 4)
  • An internal measuring cell possible (is deactivated if an external measuring cell is plugged into slot 1)
  • Suitable for 4-wire and 6-wire sensors with strain gauges
  • Two-point adjustment with weights or numerical adjustment is possible
  • The specific data of an external sensor are stored directly in the connector
  • USB interface for programming, data transfer and power supply
  • Integrated SD card memory
  • Adjustable SI units: kg, N, kN, Nm, kNm
  • Tolerance function
  • TRACK function for continuous display of the measurement
  • Peak value measurement
  • Mountable on SAUTER test benches
  • Simultaneous measurement on up to four channels. External sensors with sensor data memory, optionally available
  • Compact force-measuring device with internal measuring cell (up to max. 500 N) for rapid, mobile force measurement
  • Delivery in high-quality and robust system case (systainer® T-LOC) including plug-in power supply and USB cable type C
  • Measurement of forces in different tensile or compressive directions possible with only one measuring device


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