Digital force gauge FL-TM


Manufactured by Sauter

Digital force gauge FH-S from SAUTER GmbH in Germany

Premium force-measuring device with graphics display for tensile and compressive force measurement, prepared for external measuring cells

Optional Extras

  • Premium force-measuring device external measuring cell (measuring cell, tension loops and pressure plates not included with delivery)
  • Adjustable nominal loads: 5 N, 10 N, 25 N, 50 N, 100 N, 250 N, 500 N, 1 kN, 2.5 kN, 5 kN, 10 kN, 20 kN, 50 kN
  • Maximum resolution 2500 d
  • Turnable display with backlight
  • Real time or Peak Hold Mode to observe transcients or capture peaks
  • Metal housing for durable usage in harsh environmental conditions
  • Capacity display: A bar lights up to show how much of the measuring range is still available
  • Measuring with tolerance range (limit-setting function): Upper and lower limiting can be programmed, in pull and push direction. The process is supported by an acoustic and visual signal
  • Internal memory for up to 500 measurements
  • Continuous analogue output: Linear voltage signal in relation to the load (-2 – +2 V)
  • Selectable measuring units: N, kN, kg, oz, lb


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