Multimeter Calibration

AML Instruments provides a first-class multimeter calibration service at your business location or in our laboratory. With seasoned engineers, your digital multimeter is in safe and reliable hands. Getting your meter (DMM) calibrated couldn't get any easier. All our electrical calibrations are performed fully to the manufacturer's recommended calibration procedures and specifications.  Multimeter calibration costs from £40 up to 6.5 digits. Shipping and VAT extra. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Tel: 01522 789375

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Digital Multimeter Calibration Services

A multimeter is essential, precision tool for all electricians, from checking electrical equipment &  fault finding  to initial electrical installations. Due to the dangers of electricity, the instrument must maintain its high level of accuracy.

Our engineers can calibrate various types of analogue and digital multimeters. We can provide a traceable calibration certificate with each instrument.

Please, contact us today for prices and bookings. Tel: 01522 789375

Why Does Your Testing Instrument Need Calibrated?

A multimeter is used to measure voltage, current, resistance and electrical continuity in a circuit. Accurately measuring those parameters is essential as lives may depend on it.

All handheld digital devices lose accuracy over time due to several reasons:

  • Degradation of internal components
  • Daily wear and tear 
  • Changes in temperature and humidity.
  • Misuse, mistreatment or a severe drop.

Calibration prevents the user from chasing non existing faults  due to incorrect measurements.

For that reason, most leading brands recommend you send your multimeter off annually to a certified laboratory for calibration. If being used in an extreme environment you might want to consider a 3 or 6 monthly calibration cycle. 

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Tel: 01522 789375

Send Your Multimeter To Our Calibration Lab

We do not usually arrange the collection of your digital multimeter but will organise the return via UPS. Weight dependent, we’ll always try to deliver your test equipment in one consignment.

So, please send us your multimeter for calibration, we will  have it back to you within five working days. If there are any delays, we’ll inform you straight away.

While You Wait For Service

We offer a pre-booked while you wait for service for those in a rush, or if it’s a short notice instrument calibration. Please, ring first to book as we can not accommodate any walk-ins.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Tel: 01522 789375

For A Fast Turnaround & Limited Downtime, Use Our Onsite Service

We fully understand that not having your tester for days is inconvenient and costly. So, that is why we have an onsite multimeter calibration service; we come to you. This is ideally suited if you have many multimeters or other electrical test equipment to calibrate. We can also calibrate a wide range of other types of test equipment. 

You’ll be without your multimeter for less than 30 minutes, not days!

Contact us today to get booked in.

Tel: 01522 789375

Typical Test Parameters

These are the typical tests our seasoned engineers will carry out during the calibration of your multimeter.

  • AC Voltage Test
  • AC Current Test
  • Battery Replacement
  • Capacitance Test
  • DC Current Test
  • Diode Test
  • Frequency Test
  • Logic Test
  • Continuity Test
  • Resistance Check

We will return all multimeters with traceable calibration certificates.

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Tel: 01522 789375

Some Of The Brands We Can Calibrate

As a family-run business, we are incredibly fortunate to attract high calibre engineers with a vast range of calibration experience. Therefore, we can calibrate all leading brands, such as Seaward, Fluke, Kewtech and Megger.

For More Information

If you require any further information on our calibration services for your multimeter device or any other testing device, then please get in contact either by phone Tel: 01522 789375 or use our Enquiry Form.

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