Total Energy Dart Drop Tester ASTM D-4272 & ASTM D 1709 TEDD

Total Energy Dart Drop Tester ASTM D-4272 & ASTM D 1709 TEDD

Manufactured by Oakland Instruments

Oakland Instrument introduces its DX-8485-A Total Energy Dart Drop Tester TEDD, designed with a number of innovative capabilities available to blown film extruders and flexible packaging manufacturers for the first time.

Total Energy Dart Drop Tester meets the requirements of ASTM D-4272 & ASTM D 1709 as standard and optionally ASTM D-5628

High-Performance Dart Drop Impact Tester With Total Energy Capability

Total Energy Dart Drop Tester TEDD enables them to

• accomplish pass/fail, staircase and total energy dart drop tests with a single test instrument;
• measure dart weight information, dramatically increasing test accuracy and speed; and
• make process improvements aided by graphical information displaying dart weight values alongside pass/fail data.

By automatically measuring and recording dart weight, the DX8485-A eliminates the need for manual measurement and/or weighing of darts and data entry, reducing errors and speeding up the testing process.

Velocity meter

Integrated to measure dart speed gives operators the option of performing total energy testing in addition to traditional pass/fail or staircase dart drop tests. The total energy test provides an actual impact resistance value with a single dart drop – compared to 5-10 drops for the pass/fail test or up to 25 drops for the staircase test.

Load cell

By integrating a precision load cell and combining it with pass/fail information, the DX-8485-A offers improved dart drop test accuracy and speed compared to other instruments.

In addition, the load cell enhances the flexibility of this instrument’s total energy test option: Instead of requiring operators to choose among five preselected fixed weights, the DX-8485-A’s firmware enables operators to select a variable  weight (20 g-1,135 g) most appropriate for their film. Being able to choose a weight not significantly greater than their film break strength results in improved resolution and test accuracy.

Another commonly used test method, “increment to failure” testing, will soon be added to the DX-8485-A’s software. Requiring fewer dart drops than traditional pass/fail and staircase testing, this method allows operators to make process decisions based on where failure point lies in relation to guarantee point.

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