Thermal & Environmental Chamber for Universal Testing Machines

Thermal & Environmental Chamber for Universal Testing Machines

Manufactured by Dycometal

Thermal Chamber for Universal Testing Machines and Tensile Testers

  • Removable from test frame
  • Temperature range: -100°C to +350°C
  • Volumes from 25 to 1000 litres
  • Humidity control (optional)
  • Additional windows for not contact extensometers (optional)
  • Bespoke design for any type of Universal Testing Machine
  • Choice of cooling options, including compressor, liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide
  • Manufactured in Spain by Dycometal

Thermal Chamber Construction

The thermal chamber is manufactured from hard wearing and corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel. The insulation is provided by ceramic and glass fibre wool. Well engineered, stiff mild steel frame work covered by galvanised and power coated panels. The chamber comes complete with bushed holes for the pull rods to connect to the grips or fixtures. An efficent fan is fitted to all chambers to ensure good air circulation and excellent temperature and humidity uniformity.

Precision Control & Sensors

All thermal chambers fitted with a programmable Eurotherm controller with options for data logging functionality. Rotronic relative humidity sensor  (if applicable) Precision PT100 RTD temperature probe

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AML Instruments and one of the leading UK suppliers of materials testing equipment we have an extensive range of grips and fixtures suitable for use in this chamber. We also have the ability to design and manufacture bespoke solutions for just about any test.

Calibration and Repair service available please ask for a quotation.

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