Tackmaster Inkometer Ink Tack Tester

Tackmaster Inkometer Ink Tack Tester

Tackmaster simulates the conditions found in the ink distribution system of a printing press, the instrument gives accurate and repeatable data on the length of ink and tack force.

The test equipment gives the highest level of accuracy for R&D, process evaluation and quality control technicians. The tester works by measuring the forces required in splitting the ink film and what effect film thickness, roller speed, solvent evaporation and roller temperature has on the ink characteristics.

Tackmaster Model TM16U

This instrument measures the tack of printing inks. As the successor to our popular Tackmaster – 07 model, this instrument gives operators the same user friendly experience while testing, but is operated by a fully customizable touch screen PLC. The sleek, modern design goes beyond appearance by providing the operator with a large array of functions that can be set to cater specifically to the needs or wants of the tester, including multiple customizable test parameters, separate independent calibration procedures, and easily updatable user interface options and memory. This instrument is available with a stand-alone printer and interface as well as a computer interface developed to further the accuracy and functionality of the instrument.

Tackmaster – TM07

Electronic Taskmaster


Tackmaster – PC

PC controlled Tackmaster


Inkometer, Model E2000

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