SOMERVILLE Fraccionator Screen (type)

SOMERVILLE Fraccionator Screen (type)

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

Somerville Fraccionator Screen, for determining shive content of pulp.

Somerville Screen Standard Features

  • Conforms to TAPPI UM 242, TAPPI T 275
  • Screen plate 305 x 254 which is manufactured from brass
  • 756 slits in screen precisely cut to 45 mm x 0.15 mm ± .05mm
  • Rubber diaphragm: actuation: 3.2 +-0.1 mm by eccentric drive with a speed of 690-700 rpm
  • Water flow controlled by calibrated nozzles to a flow rate of 8.6 litre/min. at 1.23 Kg/cm2.

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