SOMERVILLE Fractionator Screen (type)

SOMERVILLE Fractionator Screen (type)

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

Somerville Fractionator Screen, for determining shive content of pulp.

The Somerville type classifier is designed to ensure that no useful fiber for the paper industry is included in the content of uncooked and impurities and these in useful fiber stocks. Although originally designed to determine impurities in comminuted pulps, the method is applicable to all mechanical pulps and chemical pulps. It is also widely used for the determination of stickies that are left over from recycled materials.

Somerville Screen Standard Features

  • Conforms to TAPPI UM 242, TAPPI T 275
  • Screen plate 305 x 254 which is manufactured from brass
  • 756 slits in screen precisely cut to 45 mm x 0.15 mm ± .05mm
  • Rubber diaphragm: actuation: 3.2 +-0.1 mm by eccentric drive with a speed of 690-700 rpm
  • Water flow controlled by calibrated nozzles to a flow rate of 8.6 litre/min. at 1.23 Kg/cm2.

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