RollServer – RollTest

RollServer – RollTest

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The Roll – and Grinding Data Management Solution

RollServer™– The Roll – and Grinding Data Management Solution

RollServer™ is a solution for managing the data related to roll grinding. It is a centralized data base, capable of linking several grinders into one data base. All roll data and roll grinding information will be stored on a server.

The data base can include the following information or have the following features:

• all roll measurements of all rolls
• grinding programs
• process follow-up data for each roll and grinder
• follow up for the complete service work
• work orders
• messaging
• data base is open for customer’s own applications
• communication through customer’s data network
• supervisors etc. can access the data base e.g. with Internet Explorer or Netscape
• measurement reports can be exported as pdf files

The use of RollServer™ standardizes and optimizes grinding methods and processes. The system can be configured for new views, tables and functions and it can be linked to another systems via standard interfaces.

The accessing rights into the RollServer™ can be configured within the customer’s mill as required. Production, supervisors and administration can create, amend and follow-up the work orders and grinding- as well roll history either via separate tailor made applications ( options ) or via standard web browsers ( e.g. Internet Explorer or Netscape). Information and data of e.g. rolling or maintenance can be included in the RollServer™ system or it can be linked to servers containing similar type of information ( production management, administration etc. ).

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