Manufactured by RollTest

RollControl™ i is an integrated computer numeric control (CNC) solution specifically designed and developed for roll grinding machines. It can be installed on practically any roll grinder or lathe. The system is flexible and can be tailored to meet the demands of each grinder applications.

  • Features:
  •  Automates the control of the machine’s critical axes
  •  Monitors machine functions
  •  Provides on-line information about the grinding process
  •  Improves roll quality
  •  Reduces grinding times
  •  Compensates for roll roundness and concentricity
  •  Reduces grinder maintenance downtime
  •  Improves paper quality
  •  Features two main grinding modes:
  • Contour Grinding™ for grinding “soft” rolls
  • SuperGrind for grinding “hard” rolls

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