RollCal™ Classic

RollCal™ Classic

Manufactured by RollTest

RollCal™ Classic is a pioneer in the field of automated roll measurements. (Installations in 17 countries.) After being years on the market, it is still a competitive system for many roll measurement needs. The reports it generates are sufficient for basic requirements even today.

It is a simple and very reliable system with a high precision measurement capability. The system’s measurement electronics, software and Windows – user interface are regularly updated.

  •  RollCal™ Classic can measure
  •  shape
  •  crown and compound crown
  •  roundness
  •  concentricity
  •  sag
  •  roll alignment
  •  grinder bed errors
  • NOW AVAILABLE: SIMULTANEOUS ROUNDNESS AND RUN-OUT MEASUREMENTS. This saves time as one measurement procedure can be skipped and there is no need to change the sensor position.(limitations apply on roundness measurements, see RollCal™2)

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