Internal Bond Tester (Scott Plybond Method)

Internal Bond Tester (Scott Plybond Method)

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

The Internal Bond Tester which uses the Scott Plybond Method to measure the bond strength of paperboard, paper, kraft paper and coated cardboard. Conforms to TAPPI T569.

Internal ply bond test is for determining amount a energy required to delaminate paper based materials with a multiple layer structure.

Internal Bond Tester Features

  • Sample preparation integrated for 5 samples simultaneous (bonding, pressing, cutting)
  • Processor controlled clamping pressure and press time
  • 4 measuring ranges approx. 52,5 J/m2 to 2100 J/m2 (Scott bond low and high included)
  • Statistic function (AVG – average value, DEV – standard deviation)
  • Selective indication of measurements in: J/m2, ft-lb/ or mJ/
  • Monitoring of the climatic conditions
  • Output of measuring data and parameters to PC
  • Self calibrating
  • Automatic pendulum test according to DIN 51 222
  • Digital reading
  • Includes Cable and Test Software

Manufacture by TLS Techlab Systems in Spain


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