Internal Bond Tester

The Internal Bond Testers use the Scott Plybond Method to gauge the bond strength of paperboard, kraft paper, paper, and coated cardboard. These systems conform to the requirements of TAPPI T569 and are ideal for understanding the strength between your paper and board products. Find out more below or contact our sales team for expert advice.

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Internal bond strength measurement is a useful tool for understanding the internal strength of the layers of multi-layered paper & board products by dynamic delamination. Our tester measures the amount of energy to delaminate the layers of a board. The results are expressed in mJ (mili-Joules) or Jm² (Joules per meter square) 

Our testing equipment is based on the Scott Plybond method and gives you precise measurements and exact internal bond strength properties of the material tested. This is an important and widely used test to ensure paper and board do not delaminate and fail during processing or in use. The Scott Plybond method is covered by TAPPI T569.

AML Instruments are leaders in the field of instrumentation and calibration. We pride ourselves on our competitive prices, reliable customer service and UKAS accreditation. Find out more about our internal bond strength systems above or contact us to find out more.