Forced Air Ovens – SNOL

Forced Air Ovens – SNOL

  • Stainless steel forced air oven chamber lining
  • Good oven temperature stability and uniformity
  • Fast heating and cooling time due to low thermal mass construction
  • Low power consumption for reduced running costs and energy savings
  • Now with 2 year warranty
  • Over-temperature protection module fitted as standard to all ovens, meeting Health & Safety Executive directive
  • Most forced air oven sizes ex stock

The SNOL 300LFN series are a range of precision electric forced air oven. They are designed for low temperature thermal treatment such as drying, heating and thermal testing in an air-flow assisted environment.

Forced air convection is used to provide more effective drying and quicker heating, as well as improved temperature uniformity throughout the chamber. With a temperature range of 50 to 300ºC, the precision temperature control system provides good stability and uniformity for high quality results.

A digital PID temperature controller, displaying the current temperature and set-point, and a pre-set over-temperature protection device is fitted as standard. Most models have a fan speed controller. All models have a control knob to select internal or external air circulation (or a mixture as desired).

AML offers models customised to meet NADCAP AMS 2750F (aerospace & automotive heat treatment specification)

Our forced air ovens are available with optional UKAS (ISO17025) calibration of the temperature controller and thermocouple as a system or also with a 5-point or 9-point thermal survey of the chamber volume.

Additional shelves are also available.

See data sheet  pricing & for accessories and full customisation options 

Want to know more about Forced Air Ovens and what is a Forced Air Oven is please visit our guides and advice page.

Forced Air Oven Calibration

Calibration  and Repair service available please ask for a quotation.

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Forced Air Oven Specifications

Temperature Controller:   The standard oven temperature controller has a large clear display with 0.1°C. Basic timed program (1 timed ramp to temperature, 1 timed dwell).

                                              A buzzer sounds when the program finishes (except 20L model).

                                              Autotune can be used to optimise the control terms for the load, if needed

Other temperature controllers are also available at extra cost, including Eurotherm models. Features can include programmer/profiler, data logging/recording, digital commutations (RS-485 etc) and PC software.

Fan Speed:                          On models with variable fan speed: 1 – 10 or off.

Supply Voltage:                  230Vac 50Hz (single phase).

Power Connector:              BS1363 (UK) Plug. IEC60309 (Round Blue) 32A P+N+E Plug on 220 L.

Laboratory Oven Models


AML Stock Code



Chamber Size* External Size (WxDxH) Shelves / Positions Power

/ Plug





SNOL 20/300 LFN



20 L

240 x 280 x 340mm  

2  / 5

1 kW  

36 Kg



490 x 700 x 680mm UK 13A
SNOL 60/300 LFN



60 L

380 x 380 x 420mm  

3  /  6

2 kW  

50 Kg



630 x 740 x 760mm UK 13A
SNOL 120/300 LFN  

120 L

550 x 400 x 580mm  

3  / 6

2 kW  

70 Kg



FCESNOL120/300LFN 810 x 780 x 920mm UK 13A
SNOL 220/300 LFN  

220 L

730 x 500 x 620mm  

3  / 6

4 kW  

102 Kg



Supply Voltage:                 230Vac 50Hz (single phase).

Power Connector:             UK 13A = BS1363. Blue 32A = IEC60309.


Standard Non-stocked Models


Normally available on a 3-6 week lead-time. This model has double doors, hinged at each side.






Chamber Size* External Size (WxDxH) Shelves / Positions  







SNOL 420/300 LFN


420 L

1000 x 500 x 860mm

1300 x 1030 x 1300mm


3  /  6








Supply Voltage:  400Vac 50Hz, 3P+N+E (Star with Neural)

Connector:          IEC60309 Red 5-pin 16A

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