Laboratory Furnaces

Laboratory Furnaces

  • Lift-up furnace door for efficient use of work space
  • Good furnace temperature stability and uniformity
  • Fast heating and cooling time due to low thermal mass construction
  • Low power consumption for reduced running costs and energy savings
  • For use up to 1100°C.
  • Most models ex stock

The Laboratory Furnaces are designed for materials testing, heat treatment, ceramic and stoneware samples firing and ashing (models with chimney). And are used in laboratories, educational institutions, ceramic studios and in industry for thermal processing.

The furnace chamber is made of high thermal efficiency vacuum-formed ceramic fibre, with heating elements embedded in four sides and a ceramic base tile to protect the fibre base from wear.

An Omron E5CC digital PID temperature controller is fitted as standard and provides precise temperature control with good stability and minimal over-shoot. Other instruments can be fitted to order, to give features such as timed programs, remote communications and data recording.

A chimney is optionally available, fitted to the rear of the furnace, and is recommended for processes producing fumes or giving off carbon (e.g. ashing or burn-off operations).

Over-temperature protection is fitted as standard on the 22 and 39 litre models. For the 3, 8.2 and 13 litre models, an optional external over-temperature protection unit can be supplied to protect the furnace or the load from exceeding its maximum temperature. This must be used if the furnace is left unattended (e.g. over night), in order to comply with the Health & Safety Executive directive.

Our laboratory furnaces are available with optional UKAS (ISO17025) calibration of the temperature control system or also with a 5-point thermal survey of the chamber volume.

We offer models customised to meet AMS 2750D/E (aerospace & automotive specification). For customisation to this specification or others please contact us.

Laboratory Furnace Calibration & Service

Ongoing calibration and service by AML Instruments.

We offer a complete calibration service for all your instrumentation & test equipment

Laboratory Furnaces Models

Model Stock CodeCapacity(WxDxH in mm)External Size(WxDxH in mm)Over-Temp. Protection
/ Power
SNOL 3/1100 LHM01FCESNOL3/1100LHM013 Litres 125 x 200 x 115340 x 470 x 430Optional extra unit at cost.230Vac 1.7kW£980
SNOL 8.2/1100 LHM01FCESNOL8/1100LHM018.2 Litres 200 x 300 x 133440 x 620 x 510Optional extra unit at cost.230Vac 1.8kW£1080
SNOL 13/1100 LHM01FCESNOL13/1100LHM0113 Litres 225 x 360 x 180500 x 700 x 550Optional extra unit at cost.230Vac 1.8kW£1,380
SNOL 22/1100 LHM01FCESNOL22/1100LHM0122 Litres 275 x 500 x 155600 x 890 x 610Fitted internally as standard.230Vac 3kW£1,880
SNOL 39/1100 LHM01FCESNOL39/1100LHM0139 Litres 315 x 515 x 225649 x 899 x 739Fitted internally as standard.400Vac 6kW£2,380

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