ELDY 100

ELDY 100

Manufactured by Life Testing Machines

The ELDY 100 series represents the pinnacle of electrodynamic testing systems, meticulously crafted to conduct static, semi-static, dynamic, and fatigue tests across various components and materials.

Leveraging cutting-edge voice coil technology motors and a single-phase power supply, the ELDY systems are complemented by the RTC 9001 Controller and SS 9000 software. This integration facilitates the achievement of superior test frequencies and micrometric precision in displacement measurements.

Featuring a movable cross strut and an expansive work surface, the ELDY 100 series simplifies the process of securing and manipulating complex samples, ensuring ease of use without compromising on precision or capability.


Fields of Application

While maintaining the capacity for diverse actuator stroke configurations with a maximum force capability of 100 N, the ELDY 100 systems are distinguished by their adaptability and ease of use. The straightforward and intuitive software interface positions the ELDY 100 as an ideal choice for various fields, including:

  • Biomedical: Offering precise assessment capabilities for medical devices and biological materials.
  • R&D: Supporting extensive research and development efforts with versatile testing options.
  • Plastics and Rubber: Evaluating the resilience and properties of plastics and rubber in demanding conditions.
  • 3D Printing (Plastics and Metals): Assessing the durability and structural integrity of 3D-printed materials.
  • Composite Materials: Testing the strength and endurance of composite materials for high-performance applications.
  • Electronic Components and Hardware: Ensuring the reliability of electronic components through detailed testing.
  • Fabrics and Tissues: Analysing the physical properties of fabrics and biological tissues under stress.
  • Biological Materials: Providing insights into the characteristics and resilience of various biological materials.

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