Manufactured by Life Testing Machines

The VOLTA-EMT electromechanical test machine, equipped with a ball-screw linear actuator, is expertly designed for conducting static, semi-static, dynamic, and fatigue tests on various components and materials.

This system seamlessly integrates with an RTC 9001 controller and its accompanying software, positioning the VOLTA as a prime choice for diverse testing requirements across various industries. Its design features a movable cross strut and an expansive worktop, facilitating the secure and easy clamping of even the most complex samples.

Characterised by its reliability, precision, “tabletop” configuration, energy efficiency, and oil-free operation, the VOLTA testing systems are ideally suited for any test laboratory setting.


VOLTA-EMT electromechanical test systems find their place in numerous fields, favoured for their robust performance, precise sensor accuracy, and user-friendly software interface. The VOLTA series is particularly ideal for industries such as:

  • Biomedical: For rigorous testing of medical devices and materials under controlled conditions.
  • Plastics: Assessing the properties and resilience of various plastic materials.
  • Mechanical Parts and Components: Ensuring the durability and performance of mechanical components under stress.
  • Rubber: Evaluating the elasticity and tensile strength of rubber products.
  • 3D Printed Objects: Testing the structural integrity and material properties of 3D printed creations.
  • Fabrics and Ropes: Determining the strength and flexibility of textiles and ropes.
  • Springs: Measuring the fatigue and endurance limits of springs.
  • Composite Materials: Analyzing the performance and durability of composite materials in demanding environments.

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