Dart Impact Tester for Flexible Sheets Used In Waterproofing

Dart Impact Tester for Flexible Sheets Used In Waterproofing

Easy to use Dart Impact Tester for testing flexible sheet materials used in waterproofing buildings, such as plastic, bitumen and rubber. The dart to released from a set height which then hits the sample which is placed on top of a concrete slab, steel plate and then a aluminium plate.

Preliminary tests can be made to indicate a drop height around which perforation could be expected by increasing/reducing the drop height until perforation is noticed / avoided.

The test specimens are examined for possible puncture within 5 min after the impact test by coating the surface of the impact area with a soap solution and applying a pressure difference of 15 kPa to the zone of impact by means of a vacuum device with the positive pressure at the side subjected to impact. If after 60 s no air bubbles are visible, the test specimen is considered to have no leakage and is not punctured.

Five different test specimens shall not result in more than one puncture. If more than one puncture occurs, the drop height shall be reduced until further impact on five different test specimens does not result in more than one puncture.

Dart Impact Tester Features

  • Easy to use minimal training required
  • Height of drop from 30 mm to 2 meters as standard
  • Space saving design the top 1 meter section is removable
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Optional method A or method B configuration (at time of order)
Exceeds the requirements of the BS EN 12691: 2006 & EN 12691:2006 standards.

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