Charpy-Izod Notching Machine

Charpy-Izod Notching Machine

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

Equipment designed to make standardized notches on samples, which are subsequently subjected to mono-axial impact resistance tests, according to the CHARPY and IZOD procedures.

The notch in both the Charpy and Izod test specimens is suitable for concentrating stress, minimizing plastic deformation, and directing fracture to the part of the specimen behind the notch. The dispersion in energy at break is thus reduced. However, due to differences in the elastic and viscoelastic properties of plastics, the response to a given notch varies between different materials.

Charpy-Izod Notching Machine

The cutting tool of the notching machine has a vertical cyclical movement.

Equipped with transparent methacrylate safety screen to avoid accidents to operators.

The advance or approach of the sample to the cutting tool is carried out manually by turning the front knob, this has a graduated scale to specify said advance.

It is possible to simultaneously notch up to 3 grouped specimens, naturally depending on the plastic material and its characteristics.

Technical characteristics:

  •  2 blades * with fixed angle of 45 º ± 1 º:
  • 1 according to ASTM D 256 with a radius of 0.25 mm ± 0.01 mm
    • 1 according to ISO 179/180 to choose from:
    • Type A with radius of 0.25 mm ± 0.05 mm
    • Type B * with radius of 1 mm ± 0.05 mm
    • Type C with radius of 0.1 mm ± 0.02 mm

*The standard supply includes 1 Cutter ISO 180 type B

  • Depth Micrometer Mitutoyo, 0-25 mm with 0.01 mm in resolution
  • With variable speed to cover a wide range of materials
  • With Safety Protection Screen

If no other type of blade is indicated, the standard supply includes 1 ISO 180 type B blade
The cutting blades are made of high speed steel and heat treated

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