Gurley Densometers Permeability / Porosity Meter

Gurley Densometers Permeability / Porosity Meter

Gurley Densometers are the industry standard instrument for the porosity and air permeability for materials like paper, board membranes and plastics.

They work by measuring the time taken for a set volume of air to pass though the material being tested. The unit of measurement is Gurley Seconds.

Manual or fully automated versions are available.

The Gurley Densometer works by having a cylinder of know weight floating freely within a outer cylinder of oil. Typical cylinder weights are 5oz & 20oz. The oil acts as air seal between the material being tested and orifice of the instrument. The material is clamped between the clamping plates with a closely controlled size of 1.0 square inches (standard) or 0.25 or 0.1 square inches.

The Gurley S-P-S Tester version can also measure surface smoothness and softness (compressibility)

This method complies with the following standards

ISO 5636/5 – TAPPI T460 –  TAPPI T-536 – ASTM D-726 – BS 5926 ASTM D 726 – APPITA / AS 1301-420  – CPPA D.14  – NF Q 03-078 – SCAN P-19

Densometer Models Available

4340 Fully digital no oil or cylinder with options for results in BEKK – BENDTSEN – GURLEY – SHEFIELD units  Data Sheet


4190N + 4320 model  Data Sheet

Standard & Low Pressure 

4110N,  4118N,  4140N, 4190N S-P-S Tester Data Sheet

High pressure Gurley Data Sheet

4150N – High Pressure Densometer:

Model 4250N – H-P-S Tester:

Model 4240N – High Pressure Densometer with Weighted Arm Assembly

Gurley Densometer Calibration

AML calibrates a wide range of Gurley Densometers. Contact us today for a competitive quotation. Our calibration service is available onsite where we visit you to minimise the disruption to your testing.

Gurley Pressure & Volume Comparison

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