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At AML Instruments, we have a wide selection of temperature data loggers for sale at sensible prices, with an optional calibration service plan. Our customer service supports you through your data logger’s purchasing and yearly service and calibration

We have extensive experience providing temperature data logging devices for various applications across multiple industries. 

AML Instruments only supply data loggers with a proven record of recording and logging temperature values reliably and uninterrupted.

Our full range of temperature data recorders is listed below, but if you have any questions or queries, then please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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Full Range Of Temperature Recorders For Sale

Our temperature data-loggers vary in price and specification; all focused around your business requirements. If you require any information or assistance in choosing the correct temperature logger, please contact our sales team.

Here are some of the key features of the Testo loggers we supply:

Temperature Range –  – 40°C +120°C 

Battery Life – 90, 150 or 500 days

Number of Readings – 16,000 up to 40,000

Data Transfer – Data SD card or USB

Device Certification – Waterproof to IP 65, HACCP Compliant, EN 12830

Most Testo products have a visual LCD display, but the Testo 184 T1, for example, doesn’t have a screen.

Flexible Temperature Monitoring System

Most data loggers for sale have inbuilt sensors, batteries and data storage, limiting their exposure. That’s why Testo has built additional accessories for those that need to record data at extreme temperatures, hot or cold. For this example, we would recommend using a temperature probe.

Some businesses (food stores) require dual temperature readings. They need to monitor the air temperature and check the core temperature on items, such as meat and ice cream.

We can provide you with a dual temperature data logger with an internal sensor that measures air temperature and an external temperature probe for spot checks.

What Factors To Look For When Buying A Temperature Recorder

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a data logger for temperature control, and those are:

  1. Low maintenance costs
  2. Long rechargeable battery life
  3. Accuracy
  4. Excellent software
  5. Repeatability for test purposes

USB Temperature Data Logger

The majority of data loggers on the open market have one of three ways to transfer the data: Wifi, SD Card or USB. There are several advantages to a USB data logger. 

They are quick and easy to install and are user configurable. 

Transferring the data via a USB cable or plugging the data logger straight into a computer or mobile device gives ultimate flexibility to business users. 

In some circumstances, a USB interface could also be appropriate.

Lastly, the simplicity of a USB data logger reduces the training burden and cost for most businesses that use it.

Typical Areas Where Temperature Loggers Are Used

Below are some of the typical environments where data loggers are in use.

Temperature Monitoring – Cold Chain

Food producers must monitor their food storage from production to the end-user. Using a data logger that records temperature and humidity keeps businesses compliant with the HACCP Plan.

Restaurant and Catering – Food Storage

Monitoring the temperature and humidity in a food storage unit is critical, and it’s a process that is either manual or automated.

Using a data logger can automate that process and provide evidence for future inspection.

Food – Production

Legally, the food production industry must provide regular evidence of freeze-drying, pasteurisation and sterilisation processes. The readings from a temperature and humidity data logger will give that evidence.

Pharmacies and Hospitals – Pharma Storage

The HVAC systems in pharmacies and hospitals must keep medicines, vaccines and blood reserves within specific temperature ranges. Accurately measuring the temperature and humidity of a storage facility is critical, and that’s what data loggers do.

Pharmaceuticals – Transportation

There are clearly defined temperature and humidity limits when moving pharmaceutical products. A temperature data logger will monitor the temperature and (model depending) trigger an alarm when those conditions are breached. 

The temperature monitor will prove that pharmaceutical goods are transported in the right atmospheric conditions.

Hospital – Sterilisation and Disinfection

Temperature data loggers are vital components that validate hospitals’ sterilisation, freeze-drying, cleaning, and disinfection processes.

Calibration Service

We can supply you with industry-leading data loggers but as a full spectrum calibration company, we can also carry out their yearly calibrations.

A calibration certificate will be provided with all data loggers that have passed their calibration test.

We have several calibration options available, including our We Come To You calibration service.

Our experienced technicians can calibrate the full range of data loggers produced by different manufacturers.

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