Rub & Abrasion Testers

Rub, abrasion and pilling testers from AML.

We have solutions for testing a wide range of materials, printed board, packaging, plastic films, fabrics and non-wovens. Our rub, abrasion and pilling testers cover a wide range of ISO, ASTM, & BS standard methods.

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Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester

This is a versatile abrasion and pilling tester used in the textile industry. It has many great features can can be used over a wide range of fabrics to ensure durability of the finished product.  The Martindale is the most widely used abrasion tester in the textiles trades and is widely accepted throughout the World as the definitive test method. It dates back back from 1940 and was originally designed by Dr Martindale.

Ink Rub Tester

The Rub and Abrasion tester (ink rub tester) from Hanatek Instruments is used for measuring the rub resistance of print. This device is ideal for use in packaging and quality control allowing you to test samples to see where they may fail. Our abrasion testers have a wealth of applications and can be used on materials such as cartons, films and commercial printed material. Find out more about our abrasion testers below or contact our sales team for expert advice.

The Hanatek Rub and Abrasion tester complies with BS 3110 Methods for measuring the rub resistance of print. This system works by abrading a printed sample against a control material. This system can be programmed to run several cycles independently which frees up your time to focus on other tasks. The fully automated touch screen and BS3110 compliant weights make this an effective device to add to your product testing cycle.

Benefits of  Rub & Abrasion Testers:

  • Air jet waste removal
  • Additional attachments for scratch test or wet rub test
  • Programmed test cycles allow tests to run unsupervised.
  • Optional results printer to enable test parameters to be documented on retained samples

Adaptable and Dependable Results

This device can be augmented with optional test attachments. These attachments allow you to conduct more intense tests and impose harsher conditions. These tests go beyond the regular abrasion measurements to check solvent resistance and UV ink cure. This information can then be used to improve your printing or bonding process.

AML Instruments – Tried and Trusted

We are leaders in the field of instrumentation and calibration expertise. We pride ourselves on our customer service, competitive pricing and UKAS accreditation. Our selection of rub and abrasion testers are highly accurate and built to last. For more information contact us or click on the Find Out More buttons.