Compression Platens

Compression platens are used in universal, dynamic, and fatigue testing operations. When installed in a Universal Testing Machine they can be used to carry out a variety of tests including compressive yield strength, compression strength, and compression modulus. These platens can also be used on a variety of materials and are an integral part of understanding the limits of your specimens.

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From packaging materials to coatings, compression is a vital testing method. If you need a hand finding the correct compression platens for your system, or want to speak to our friendly team about your needs please contact us now and we’ll help you find the solution. 

Only a very small selection of platens are listed on our website, contact us today and we can recommend the correct compression platen for your testing needs. 

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AML Instruments are leaders in the field of instrumentation and calibration expertise. We pride ourselves on our customer service, competitive pricing and UKAS accreditation. Please use the button below to see more about our compression platens or get a quote. We also supply an informative datasheet to help you make more informed decisions.