Pro Adjust ‘Mushroom’ Head Torque Wrench


Manufactured by Norbar

The Norbar Professional Adjustable ‘Mushroom’ Head Torque Wrenches are fitted with Norbar’s ‘Industrial’ style of ratchet. Using the principle of ‘offset pawls’, these ratchets feature a robust tooth pattern and a narrow engagement angle, meaning that the wrench is easy to use in tight spaces.

The square drive features a finger grip on the top (the ‘mushroom’ head) that assists with running down the nut until resistance is met. The square drive can also be removed and replaced in the opposite direction so the wrench can give torque control in both the clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

The ‘Industrial’ ratchet is specifically designed for torque wrench application and provides users with the perfect combination of strength, versatility and ease of use. Factory calibrated to ±3% and the new mechanism ensures that the accuracy is retained for longer.

They have a new ergonomic handle with a high proportion of soft-feel, high grip material. Both the handle material and lens resist all chemicals in common automotive, industrial and aviation use. There is a secure push/pull locking mechanism that is quick and intuitive to use and prevents accidental wrench adjustment.

They are fitted with a large scale window and long scale length for great visibility and accurate setting. Unique on a torque wrench, the Timestrip® gives a visual indication that the wrench is due for re-calibration.



Technical Specifications

Type 1/2in Drive Wrench Capacity 40-200Nm
Size/Length 470mm


Type 1/2in Drive Wrench Capacity 60-300Nm
Size/Length 593mm


Type 1/2in Drive Wrench Capacity 60-340Nm
Size/Length 685mm


Type 3/4in Drive Wrench Capacity 80-400Nm
Size/Length 686mm


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