E.506-340S Torque & Angle Adaptor


Manufactured by Facom

The Facom E.506-340S Torque & Angle Adaptor is for use in confined spaces to provide torque or angle increments. The electronic display prevents reading errors and tightening is indicated via LED’s, and a buzzer. It has 9 torque and/or angle values which can be pre-set, a 50-result memory, a locking keypad, and a magnetised tool (ratchet) fastening.
The Facom adaptor has angle tightening eliminating friction issues related with torque tightening. The movement, and hence faster tension, is defined by the screw pitch and tightening angle.

Torque/angle tightening is performed in 2 steps, by pre-torquing to approach the parts and eliminate interface faults, and then tightening at a specific angle. Proper assembly tension prevents the fastener from loosening or breaking.

Supplied in a plastic case.

Optional Extras


Technical Specifications

Type Norbar End Fittings Capacity 17-340Nm


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