REA MLV-2D Matrix Code Verification Systems

REA MLV-2D Matrix Code Verification Systems

Manufactured by REA Verifier

The REA MLV-2D is a matrix- and barcode verifier from REA in Germany. Which has been developed for conformance to international standards. The measurement uses defined angles distance and illuminations to achieve repeatable results and quality information.

The system uses a precise optical camera module with a CMOS Sensor type. The measuring area is shielded to avoid any ambient light influences. Reports are visualized by using the REA TransWin 32 Software.

Clear “Pass” or “Fail” classification after each scan, with in-depth analysis of the reason for failure.

REA MLV-2D matrix & barcode verifier features

  • Integrated color display and keypad
  • Network-compatibleDifferent lighting options (Red and White)
  • High-quality metal housing

REA MLV-2D matrix and barcode verifier technical overview

  • Contact-free measurement by a CMOS Camera
  • Easy exchangeable camera modules to adapt to different code sizes
  • Variable illumination (Angle is either 10° or 45°). Light source is either red or white light. All variations are software selectable included in each device
  • Capable to measure DPM (direct parts marking) codes
  • Field of view is protected against ambient light influences
  • Camera live image on the device display to allow an easy verifier positioning
  • Verification according to ISO/IEC 15415 for printed matrix codes
  • Verification according to ISO/IEC TR 29158 / AIM DPM-1-2006 for direct parts marking matrix codes
  • Verification according to ISO/IEC 15416 or ANSIX3.182 for barcodes
  • Verification according to the GS1 General Specifications
  • Verification of GS1-128 data structures
  • Verification of optional parameters for optimizing the print process
  • Multi language user interface and reports
  • Easy to position

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