REA PC-Scan LD4 Barcode Verification System

REA PC-Scan LD4 Barcode Verification System

Manufactured by REA Verifier

REA PC-Scan LD4 barcode verifier from REA in Germany. This barcode verifier has developed as a reference instrument where the highest precision is required. Full compliance with the international standards for barcode printing and verification.

Globally unique in class design due to the state of the art technology, intuitive operation and process reliability.

Clear final classification with “Pass” or “Fail” displayed after each test. The displayed details allow for exact and immediate barcode quality analysis.

The REA PC-Scan LD4 will show you precisely why your successful scan rates are low.

REA PC-Scan LD4 barcode verifier features

  • Automated contrast calibration before each scan
  • Integrated metric standard for precise width & length measurements
  • Constant lighting angle of 45° over the entire scan width of 133 mm or 220 mm
  • Laser illumination with a wave length of 670 nm
  • Constant sensor angle of 90° over the entire scan width constant measurement distance over the entire scan width
  • Contact-free measurement
  • Aperture 10 to 20 mil in combination with up to 220 mm measure width (exemplary configuration)
  • Hollow body measurement adaptor for barcodes on hollow bodies available
  • Two device variants available: 133 mm scan width and 220 mm scan width

REA PC-Scan LD4 barcode verifier technical overview

  • Measurement according to ISO/IEC 15416 or ANSI X3.182
  • Optional parameters in accordance with the respective barcode standards for optimal print process control
  • Multiple complete settings can be stored as profiles
  • Settings profiles can be imported and exported, settings can be cloned for multiple devices
  • Adjustment of desired minimum quality with automatic target/actual comparison
  • Auto discrimination of the most important barcode symbologies
  • Automatic code size and check digits monitoring
  • Multiple measurement with averaging from up to 10 single measurements
  • Verification and visualisation of quiet zones with an extended area
  • Ratio monitoring for two bar width codes (e.g. Code 39, 2/5i)
  • Verification according to the GS1 General Specifications requirements
  • Support with evaluation of GS1-128 data structures
  • Verification reports can be displayed as GS1 report and printed
  • Multilingual verification reports and user interface

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