Hydrostatic Head Tester Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

Hydrostatic Head Tester Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

Manufactured by Testex

Hydrostatic Head Tester / Hydrostatic Pressure Tester, is a widely performed test on a range of fabrics such as coated fabric, canvas, outdoor clothing and geotextiles, to determine to resistance to water penetration under pressure. This is achieved by applying a known pressure of water while the fabric is firmly clamped in the Hydrostatic Head Tester.

The hydrostatic pressure can be varied from 0 to 1000 kPa / 0 to 100m water column making this a versatile Hydrostatic Pressure Tester to cover just about all fabric hydrostatic testing requirements. Our tester covers a wide range of National and International Standards. AML are the exclusive UK agent for Testex and fully support your right from the initial sales enquiry to training, calibration and service.

Hydrostatic Head Tester / Hydrostatic Pressure Tester Features

Easy to use hydrostatic head tester with touch screen control.

  • Automatic and controlled clamp pressure of 5 kN
  • Standard test area of 100 c㎡
  • User selectable pressure units Pa, kPa, mmHg, cmH2O
  • Pressure ranges
    • 0 ~ 200kPa (20 m water column)
    • 0~ 500kPa (50 m water column)
    • 0 ~ 1000kPa (100 m water column)
  • Pressure increase rate 1 ~ 60 kPa/min in stepless adjustments
  • Powerful LED lamp to light test area
  • Realtime results displayed on touch screen
  • Test reports can be printed directly from the hydrostatic head tester
  • Closed loop control ensures accurate and repeatable pressure control and therefore test results.
  • Test methods can be saved for future re-testing to the predetermined test parameters
  • All test parameters freely programmable, with dynamic feedback to ensure you do not overload equipment, making this a versatile tester.
  • 5 test methods are included
    • Rising pressure mode,
    • Constant-pressure mode,
    • Constant pressure & fixed time mode,
    • Increasing and decreasing pressure mode,
    • Water penetration, and leakage mode.


  • AATCC 127 Option 2
  • ISO 811
  • BS EN 20811
  • GB/T 4744
  • ISO 1420 Method B (optionaly)

Contact us if your test method is not listed we can offer options to cover most National and International standards and test methods.

AML fully support the Testex range of textile testing equipment including the Hydrostatic Head Tester / Hydrostatic Pressure Tester. We can assist you with sales, service and calibration. Contact us today for professional advice from our technical sales department.


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