Cobb Tester Blotting Paper, Standard Pulp Blotters

Cobb Tester Blotting Paper, Standard Pulp Blotters

Cobb Testing Blotting Paper, Standard Pulp Blotters, 20×20 cm, 250 gsm blotting paper fully compliant with the requirements of ISO 535 , TAPPI T441 and the other leading standards for Cobb testing.

Hand Sheet Making Blotters

The Standard Pulp Blotters can also be used in the process of hand sheet making in accordance with the following standards ISO 5269/1; ISO 5263 & Tappi T205

Standard Pulp Blotters for Cobb Testing & Hand Sheet production are in stock and shipped worldwide.

Our Cobb Testing Blotting Paper can be used on all manufactures and models of Cobb Sizing Tester & Hand Sheet Formers.

Standard Pulp Blotters

Cobb Testing BlottersHandsheet Making and Cobb Testing Blotting Paper

Cobb blotters FEFCO 7  ISO 535 – EN BS 20535 TAPPI T441 – NF Q 03 018 – NF Q 03 035 –  SCAN P12 DIN 53132

For water absorption testing using the Cobb Method

Hand Sheet Blotting Paper

Hand Sheet Making blotters – ISO 5269/1; ISO 5263 & Tappi T205

We also supply Manual Sheet FormerCobb Testers

Cobb blotting paper is always in stock for fast next day delivery. We ship worldwide ask for a quote today.

We supply in units of 500 sheets with discounts for large orders.

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