Infrared Thermometers

Our infrared thermometers allow for specialised non contact measurement of surface  temperature from multiple distances. They can be used to test a wide variety of materials and applications. Often these are known as IR thermometers.

Some common usage applications for these infrared thermometers include: monitoring wall temperature, troubleshooting in heating and air conditioning systems, or the quality control of industrially manufactured products.


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High quality laser circles are used in these infrared thermometers for highly visible measuring spot marking ensuring ease of use and accurate measurement of the surface temperature. 

We have models with adjustable Emissivity to allow greater accuracy of measurement of difficult to measure surfaces and materials.

These thermometers will ensure that you are well equipped, especially for undertaking quality control measurements in industry and laboratory settings.

With decades of experience testing and calibrating equipment, we have selected a range of units designed with your needs in mind. Contact us today and let us know how e can help.


AML Instruments – Tried and Trusted


AML Instruments have been the industry leaders in instrumentation and calibration expertise. Our large selection of products and services cater to all sectors from labs to the construction industry. With over 40 years of experience, we have used our unique insight to offer you leading infrared thermometers that you can trust.