Capacitance Profiler

Our capacitance profiler equipment allows for specialised tests in thickness measuring. Our testers are especially designed to test the thickness of plastic film. Thickness Testing is used in product development or quality control to measure the cross-web or down-web thickness profile of plastic film and plastic sheet materials.


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With decades of experience testing and calibrating equipment, we have selected a range of units designed with your needs in mind. 

The capacitance method is considered to be the most accurate method of measuring the thickness profile of plastic films and is widely used by all the leading film manufactures. It measures the film’s thickness continuously therefore gives a very high resolution thickness profile of the film being measured. 

At home either on the shop floor or in the laboratory. Our capacitance profilers can help solve even the toughest gauge issues.

A feature of our capacitance profiler equipment includes a self-calibration system. This ensures high accuracy operation of this gauge and is adjusted precisely for every type of film measured.