Bench Top Thickness Gauges

Our bench top thickness gauges allow for specialised tests in the thickness of a variety of substrates. Some of the substrates include: film, paper, board, foil, tissue, flooring and textiles. Bench top thickness gauges are also known as deadweight micrometers or bench top micrometers.  

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With decades of experience testing bench top thickness measurement equipment, we have selected a range of units designed with your needs in mind. 

Our bench top thickness gauges / deadweight micrometers  are full of amazing features. These include the intuitive touch screen interface to operate the gauge. This will allow the user to define batch size, dwell time & measuring speed. There are also options to export the results to a CSV file or to a printer with a time and date stamp and statistical analysis. 

At the point of quoting we help you specify the correct foot size and down force / foot pressure for your application and relevant ISO, ASTM, BS or Tappi standards. We have specialist thickness gauges / deadweight micrometers that can be user configured to more than one standard but being able to change the down force and or foot size. 

Whether you need a thickness gauge for plastic film or one for textiles, we have a variety of bench top thickness gauges and deadweight micrometers more than capable of carrying out your exact testing needs. 

Only a small selection of our equipment is listed online. Contact us today with your requirements and we will have a solution for you. We also manufacture bespoke thickness gauges and deadweight micrometers. 


AML Instruments – Tried and Trusted


AML Instruments have been the industry leaders in instrumentation and calibration expertise. Our large selection of products and services cater to all sectors from labs to the construction industry. With over 40 years of experience, we have used our unique insight to offer you leading bench top thickness gauges and deadweight micrometers that you can trust.