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Whether you require a one-off or a regular service plan, we at AML Instruments can tailor a solution for your Axle Pad Calibration Service. Our experienced calibration engineers can perform the service at your business/work location or our accredited laboratory.  A traceable calibration certificate will be issued after each calibration service. Our prices are competitive with fast turnaround times, including an express 24/48 service. So, get in touch today and let's get your axle weigh pads booked in for its calibration service. You can call us at Tel: 01522 789 375, use the contact form or the Live Chat at the bottom of the page.

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Calibration Service Options To Suit All 

Our service options fall into two categories: at your location or our UK-based laboratory.

AML’s Laboratory

The cheapest option for you is to choose our laboratory service. We don’t normally arrange the collection of your axle pads, but we can do the return via UPS or Palletine. Our standard service has a 5-day turnaround.

We have a 24/48 Express Service for those in a rush, but it costs significantly more and requires pre-booking.

To book your weigh pads for calibration, please call Tel: 01522 789 375 or use the contact form.

Onsite Calibration

AML is one of the few UK-based calibration companies that can provide an onsite calibration service for your axle pads, load cells, load links and crane scales up to 50 tonnes. This is our most expensive calibration service option if you only have a couple of axle pad sets, but it can be the most efficient and cost-effective if you have several axle weighing pads that require calibrating.

It also minimises the downtime to typically 30 mins per axle pad, elevating the requirement for spare axle pads to cover the period whilst your current ones are away being calibrated.

Testing Rig And Not Block Weights

We have built a custom testing rig to ensure the calibration service is accurate and meets strict testing standards. Due to the role and design of an axle weigh pad, it is impossible to take them up to a high enough capacity using portable block weights.

That is why we have a custom-built rig, which allows our engineers to safely load and perform accurate calibration tests on your axle pads.

Accuracy Of Axle Weigh Pads

Axle weighing pads are the best way to determine the weight of a truck or any type of vehicle, and they are more accurate than any standard type of scale. However, any type of testing system will lose accuracy over time and use. So, the pads must be calibrated regularly to ensure you are not overloading your vehicles.

In the UK, there are financial penalties for driving an overloaded vehicle.

Financial Cost Of Being Overloaded

There are real-time financial penalties for your vehicle exceeding its max axle weight. The information table below displays a brief overview of these penalty charges.

% Overweight Fine
5 – 9.99% £100
10 – 14.99% £200
15 – 20% £300
Over 30% Court Summons

However, there is a 5% margin of error, where a penalty will not be issued unless the weight difference is over a tonne.

To avoid the worry of penalty charges, it is highly recommended that you use a set of axle pads/weighbridges and calibrate them regularly.

Please be aware that these financial penalties are for every type of vehicle (HGV, car, Jeep, SUV, ATV, pickup truck and motorcycle).

Full Spectrum Calibration Company 

AML Instruments Ltd is a family-run calibration business centrally located in the UK. Our engineers have vast experience of calibrating precision testing equipment, from ground scales and weights to torque instruments. Below are the general areas we regularly carry out our calibration services.

Get In Contact With AML Instruments

If you want to calibrate one or all of your crane scales, please contact us by Tel: 01522 789 375 or email the items you would like to calibrate [email protected].

They will then send you a quote/PO to authorise.

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