Crane Scale Calibration

As one of the UK's leading weighing equipment calibration specialists, our engineers at AML Instruments are ideally suited to calibrate your crane scales. Whether you have an electronic, mechanical or digital crane scale, we can service, calibrate and service/repair it. Get in touch today, and let's get your crane scale booked for its calibration and service. Our prices are competitive and we have fast turnaround times, as standard 5 working days or an express 24 / 48-hour service is available.  We can calibrate all makes and models of crane scales from 50kg to 50,000 kg!! Do you have other weighing equipment? We also calibrate weigh scales and a vast range of other test and measuring equipment, follow this link for our other calibration pages Call us directly on Tel: 01522 789 375 or use our live chat in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. Outside of UK regular working hours, please use our contact form, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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Onsite Or At Our Laboratory

We offer crane scale calibration services both onsite (we visit you) or back at our laboratory in Lincolnshire. We do not generally arrange collections but we will arrange a return via UPS or Palletline for larger equipment. 

As standard, our lab turnaround time is 5 working days but by arrangement, we offer an express 24 or 48-hour service. 

Onsite Crane Scale Calibration

AML is one of the few companies in the UK that can provide onsite crane scale calibration services. We can cover all crane scales, load cells or load links all the way up to 50 tonnes! This can be convenient and cost-effective, especially where you have a number of crane scales, load cells or load links. 

This minimises your downtime to typically 30 to 60 minutes per crane scale. Therefore elevating the need to have spare crane scales, just while yours are away for calibration. This alone will mean significant cost savings. 

We all know how heavy and difficult to pack crane scales are. There is also a risk of damage in transit. Again another reason to consider the easy option of our experienced engineers visiting you! 

Our equipment, although heavy, has been designed for AML to be portable and can be taken to any site in the UK or in Europe. 

Contact us today for an onsite crane scale calibration quotation! Or call us on 01522 789 375 for advice or a quotation.

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Crane Scales Lose Accuracy Over Time

Whether you have a spring-operated or an electronic crane scale, it will, over time, lose accuracy. The loss of accuracy is not limited to crane scales but is shared amongst all precision testing equipment.

Accuracy in weighing equipment is critical for several reasons, such as cost, under and overloading and professional liability.

Our calibration engineers witness it daily, so it is highly recommended that your crane scale is calibrated at regular intervals. 

Load Links Also Require Calibrating

Industries that use crane scales often use load links, which measure the tension force exerted between two components, such as rigging shackles. Load links require calibrating at regular intervals, so it will be worth calibrating your load link and any crane scales simultaneously. It gives you complete confidence when you operate your specialist weighing equipment.

To get your load links and crane scales booked for annual calibration, Tel: 01522 789 375.

Harsh Environment

Crane scales are often used in harsh environments, exposed to challenging conditions such as dirt, dust, high or low temperature and saltwater spray. Maintenance and regular servicing, including calibration, are critical for longevity and preserving the manufacturer’s guarantee. It can be a challenge to maintain accuracy in these environments and therefore you might want to consider shorter calibration intervals such as every 3 or 6 months. 

Accidental Damage To A Crane Scale

Accidents happen; we have often been booked to repair the scale body and recalibrate the crane scale after it has fallen from the lifting hook. Although they are designed to work in high vibration and harsh conditions, falling from the hook can cause visual damage to the scale body but also damage the internal electronics.

Also, operators often overload electronic crane scales, causing the drifting from zero and beyond their calibration tolerances. For safety, a regular calibration service is critical for all types of weighing scales including crane scales. 

Calibration Company

AML Instruments are a family-run calibration business centrally located in the UK. Our engineers have vast experience in calibrating precision testing equipment, from ground scales and weights to torque instruments.

Below are the general areas we regularly carry out our calibration services.

AML Instruments Quality Systems

AML Instruments quality systems are certified to ISO 9001 by BSI and accredited to UKAS ISO 17025; click here for our current calibration scope.

Get In Touch

If you are looking to calibrate one or all of your crane scales, then please contact us by Tel: 01522 789 375 or email the items you would like calibrating to [email protected].

They will then send you a quote/PO to authorise.

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