Multifunction Tester Calibration – Fast & Cost Effective Calibrating Service

Whether you have one or one hundred multifunction testers that require calibrating, our professional service is there for your business when it's needed the most. Our engineers pride themselves on their technical knowledge & craftsmanship, ensuring each tested unit meets its manufacturer specifications. We understand the importance of having your business's test and measurement equipment working correctly. Accuracy and diligence when testing electrical installations are critical. Our engineers will issue a new calibration certificate with each newly calibrated multifunction tester, assisting your business with its traceability records. For excellent service, at a great price, by an independent family-run business, call us directly on 01522 789375 or submit an inquiry form.

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AML Instruments - A Full Spectrum Calibration Company

We calibrate a full range of test equipment to support all types of business from a tradesman to a multinational. .

Being a one-stop-shop, offering a quick turnaround service has allowed our company to grow from customer referrals over the last ten years sustainably. There are many benefits to using a family-run calibration company that takes pride in its customer service.

We consistently offer excellent service at a great price.

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On-Site Multifunction Tester Calibration Services

Our engineers can come to you, beneficial for businesses with large quantities of testing equipment requiring calibration. This express service ensures your test equipment has minimum downtime, making the whole process of annual calibration fast and efficient.

To book our on-site calibration, please contact us on 01522 789375

What Happens When Your Multifunction Tester Arrives At AML?

After signing for your multifunction tester, our engineer will tag and record it, including the test leads and accessories.

The engineer will then systematically go through our multifunction tester calibration process using the latest UKAS Calibrated Fluke Electrical Safety Calibration equipment and software . We track all multifunction testers through each stage of the process, recording essential details as we go.

Trackability and traceability are at the heart of all our calibration services.

Turnaround And Collection Time Scales

Our usual turnaround time for calibrating multifunction testers is five working days.

We offer an express and or while you wait service. This needs booking and agreeing in advance. The Express Multifunction Tester calibration service is 24 / 48 hours as agreed at the time of booking. 

If repairs are needed then this could take longer and you will be advised at the time of the calibration. 

We do not usually arrange the collection of your multifunction testers but will organise the return via UPS. Weight dependent, we’ll always try to deliver your test equipment in one consignment.

We Can Calibrate All Brands of MFTs

Whether it’s at your business location or at our calibration centre, our engineers, with their extensive experience, can calibrate all MFTs from brands such as: Fluke, Megger, Seaward and Kewtech.

If your MFT requires calibrated, please get in contact today.

Calibration Certificates For Your Multifunction Testers

At AML Instruments, we will always provide you with an electronic copy of your calibration certificates, critical for traceability and accountability.

Other Test And Measurement Equipment

At AML Instruments, we can calibrate virtually all types of testing equipment to ensure its correct functionality, such as electrical testers, pat testers, all brands of multifunction testers, and DI Log brands.

Our other tester calibration services are:

  • Scale & Balances calibration
  • Torque calibration
  • Dimensional calibration
  • Force calibration
  • Temperature calibration
  • Pressure calibration
  • Viscometer calibration
  • Optical Properties Calibration
  • Relative Humidity Meter and Moisture calibration
  • Paper and Packaging calibration
  • Ink and Paint calibration
  • Conductivity and PH calibration

Do You Have Any Questions Or Queries?

If you have any questions or queries referencing any of our calibrating services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Not all calibration companies can offer the same great service as AML Instruments. We are more than happy to answer all questions and queries relating to testing equipment calibration.

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