Set of Weights OIML F1 Plastic Case


Sets of weights OIML F1 supplied with plastic case:

  • Material adjusting weight: Milligram weights aluminium/German silver, individual weights polished stainless steel
  • Milligram weight sets 1 mg – 500 mg are supplied in a separate plastic case
  • Sets include two of each weight in the 2mg, 20mg, 200mg, 2g, 200g, 2kg denominations.

F1 weights also available individually or in non-standard sets contact us for a quotation.

Looking for weight calibration? We offer UKAS and traceable calibrations at competitive prices, contact us for more details. 


Stainless Steel Class F1 Weights

Weight   Value Tolerance +/- mg  
1mg 0.020
2mg 0.020
5mg 0.020
10mg 0.025
20mg 0.030
50mg 0.040
100mg 0.050
200mg 0.060
500mg 0.080
1g 0.100
2g 0.120
5g 0.150
10g 0.200
20g 0.250
50g 0.30
100g 0.50
200g 1.00
500g 2.50
1kg 5.00
2kg 10.00
5kg 25.00
10kg 50.00
20kg 100.00
50kg 250.00


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