NorTorque® Tethered Torque Wrench


Manufactured by Norbar

The Norbar NorTorque® Tethered Torque Wrenches are accurate up to ± 3%. They feature a built-in tethering point to secure the tool for safe work at height and a double-sided locking plunger square. Built on a trusted, versatile torque wrench design with a micrometer scale for simple and error free setting.

The handle and lens materials are resistant to commonly used industrial chemicals. The lock feature helps to prevent accidental adjustment of the set torque. Pinned head in line with DROPS recommendation for ultra-safe handling of sockets when working at height.

Supplied with a Declaration of Conformance, which meets the requirements of ISO 6789-1:2017.


Technical Specifications

Type 1/2in Drive Wrench Capacity 20-100Nm


Type 1/2in Drive Wrench Capacity 40-200Nm


Type 1/2in Drive Wrench Capacity 60-300Nm


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