Mettler Toledo – Buffer Rainbow I (3 x 10 sachets 20 mL) (51302068)


Manufactured by Mettler Toledo

Single-use sachets, filled under controlled conditions, guarantee a fresh and uncontaminated solution for every calibration

The round and large opening of the sachets allows for easy sensor insertion and makes calibration a quick and simple task

The box was designed to allow for the picking up of one sachet at a time, single-handedly and with no effort. It contains sachets for 10 calibrations


Product Specifications

Value pH 4.01/7.00/9.21
Certification METTLER TOLEDO
Packaging type Single-use sachets
Packaging size 3x 10x 20 ml
Parameter pH
Purpose calibration/verification
Certificate of Analysis Available online on
pH Value 4.01;
Shelf life 24 months
Uncertainty ±0.02 pH


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