Hardness Testing Device Ultrasound HO-M


Hardness Testing Device Ultrasound HO-M:

  • This range has identical product features to the SAUTER HO range, but is fitted with a motorised probe for automated measurement processes instead of the manual probe
  • The motorised probe has a magnetic attachment ring which fixes it onto a magnetic test item securely. For non-magnetic test items, the motorised probe can be easily fixed by hand using the ergonomically-shaped attachment ring
  • A motor inside the probe independently takes on the process of pressing the indenter into the test item, which helps to minimise incorrect use by the operator
  • One-button function: the measurement process can be started with a single press of a button. Because it is particularly easy to operate, the user can carry out the most demanding hardness tests without a lengthy teach-in phase
  • Virtually non-destructive testing: the resulting penetrations can only be seen under a microscope
  • Short duration of measurement: only 2 seconds
  • Higher accuracy and repeatability than with manual probes
  • Besonders geeignet für kleine, dünne Teile, dank des automatisierten Prüfablaufs
  • Designed for parts with hardened surfaces because of the low penetration depth of the indenter
  • Scope of supplies: 1 display device, 1 motorised probe, 1 transport case with standard accessories

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