October 20, 2021

Multimeter Calibration Service


Multimeter Calibration Service from AML Instruments near Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

Did you know we calibrate multimeters and other electrical test equipment?

Our standard turnaround time is 5 working days, we also offer an express 24 hour or even while you wait calibration service.

We can offer an onsite Multimeter calibration service (we visit you). This can be cost effective if you have many items of electrical test equipment you would like to have calibrated.

Multimeter calibration is essential and must be carried out at regular intervals we would recommend every 12 months but if your using your multimeter in particularly harsh environments it would be wise to reduce this interval.

Our Multimeter Calibration Service covers all makes and models up to 6.5 digit.

Multimeter Calibration Service Typical makes of multimeter we calibrate are:Multimeter Calibration Service & Electrical Equipment Calibration



Agilent Technologies






Klein Tools

Brymen Technology



Extech Instruments

Unlike some of our competitors every multimeter is calibrated exactly to the manufacturer’s specifications and calibration procedures. This is really important as you need to have absolute confidence in the multimeter you are used. The specifications change from model to model so each calibration is customised to ensure full compliance with the manufactures’ published specs.

AML don’t just calibrate multimeters, our calibration scope is broad, see our other calibration pages for more information on the types of calibration we can perform.

Contact us today and see how we can lower your calibration costs and provide a better service!

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