January 15, 2015

Kershaw Instrumentation Visit By AML


Our Managing Director Alex Leeson visits  Kershaw Instrumentation in New Jersey USA.

AML / Hanatek has been the Kershaw Instrumentations U.K. and European agent for many years and as part of his US tour, Alex visits Dean Kershaw and team. Kershaw like AML is a small family run specialist instrument, repair and calibration company.

Alex spent a very useful day learning more about the great range of instruments Kershaw Instrumentation design and manufacture for the Ink, Print , Paper Industries. Kershaw are working on some exciting new laser measurement systems for a variety of industries mainly measuring thickness in a innovative new non-contact way. Which is particularly suitable for measuring soft materials and also for measuring any web type processes while the material is running on the machine.

Some of Kershaw Instrumentation’s instruments include.

  • Ink Viscosity Measuring Instruments, such as Falling Rod Viscometer, Flow Plates.
  • Ink Dryers (Laboratory)
  • Ink Tack Measuring Instruments, The Tackmaster Range
  • Emulsification properties of printing ink instruments, Lithobreak Tester, NPIRI Water Content Meter
  • Unwind adhesive properties of adhesive tape.
  • Instrument that measures the firmness of rolled paper products such as tissues or paper towels Roll Density Tester RDT
  • Instrument used to measure the length of rolled paper products. Roll Length Counter (Meterage)
  • Instruments that utilizes a scanning laser to measure the cross sectional profile of extruded materials such as plastic, rubber or metal

In time we shall be adding these all to the AML website for more information on the instruments without links please visit the Kershaw Instrumentations website

Kershaw Instrumentation also stock a huge range of spare parts for the Inkometer and Tackmasters along with conversion and refurbishment kits.

All of which are available fromAML Instruments in the U.K. we also fully support all of the Kershaw instruments, old and new.

Alex then visits Technidyne in New Albany Indiana 

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