January 7, 2022

Bespoke 3 Point Bend & Compression Testing Machine & Fixtures


Bespoke 3 point bend & compression testing machine with custom 3 meter bend fixture for a multinational plastics extruder.

Our customer came to us with the challenge of performing a 3 meter 3 point bend test and a compressive test on the same machine without having to demount either fixture. The 3 point bend fixture and compression platens both weigh over 100 kg each! This of course would not be possible to do this manually and the lab was too small to enable access with a forklift or similar.

The 3 point bend fixture is compliant with ISO 178 and due to the thickness of the plastic posts they needed to test, a 3 meter span was required.3 Point Bend Fixture

The MTE-50 50 kN Universal Testing Machine was lightly modified to allow the 3 point fixture to be bolted to the base of the machine, the cross head was modified to allow the top of the compresion cage to be connected to it. The 3 point bend fixture was a custom solution and the compression platens were a standard offering.

AML Instruments are always going the extra mile for their customers and this work was carried out and the end result achieved at no additional cost to the customer.

AML visited the customer before Christmas to install the machine and train the operators.

Whatever your testing needs we can help, whether a standard machine, modification or a completely bespoke machine, our highly trained and experienced engineers will be able to help!

Contact us today with your materials testing challenges and we will help you find the correct solution. AML represent many leading manufacturers of materials testing machines so we are not restricted to a single range of machines. This is backed up with the ability to customise or build a special machine which ensures we will have the correct solution to meet your exact needs and requirements. We love a challenge!!

As well as our Universal Testing Machines AML supply a standard range of over 3000 grips and fixtures for materials testing, again we have the ability to customise or design new grips and fixtures.

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