Rhopoint Universal Friction Tester

Rhopoint Universal Friction Tester

Manufactured by Rhopoint Instruments

Friction testing is used in the packaging industry to measure the slip resistance of a product, with the aim of predicting feed and running speed on an automatic glueing, erecting, filling or packaging line.

The Rhopoint universal friction tester offers:

  • Static and dynamic coefficient of friction
  • Fast, repeatable measurements
  • Includes peel, tear and seal integrity tests
  • Additional option to add the lab software package at an additional price.


universal friction tester laptopUFT Lab Software

Optional full analysis software allows for detailed statistical and graphical analysis of results, full PDF reporting and the creation of custom test routines.

Rhopoint Universal Friction Tester

universal friction tester initial sled placement



The Universal friction tester allows the user to test static and dynamic coefficient of friction with minimal training. Ultra-repeatable static COF; automatic sled placement with variable dwell times.










universal friction tester fixed link



A fixed link between the sled and the load cell means that there are no errors in friction from pulley wheels or cords associated with other measuring instruments.












universal friction tester touch screen interface

Touch screen interface

The UFT uses an intuitive touch screen user interface making it accessible and easy to use.










universal friction tester uft software quality assurance

Quality Assurance (QA)

Pre-loaded ISO/ASTM/friction test methods with the option to create a custom test.










  • The sled is placed in exactly the same position each time the test is run.
  • The user-defined dwell time controls the blocking effect of tackier films.
  • Controlling the above ensures repeatable static COF results, independent of the operator.

















Order Code Description Size
HAN-B6060-010 UFT friction template – board 63.5 x 63.5mm
HAN-B6060-011 UFT friction template – film 63.5 x 148mm
HAN-B6060-012 UFT peel and seal strength template 25 x 200mm
HAN-B6060-013 UFT tear template 50 x 175mm
HAN-B6060-014 UFT seal strength template 2 15 x 200mm
HAN-B6060-015 UFT seal strength template 3 25.4 x 200mm
RL-B80-001 Universal roller sample cutter (requires a die, select from below options)
RL-B-CUTTER/FRICTION Cutter die – friction – for use with carton & board
RL-B-CUTTER/FRICTION-PLAST Cutter die – friction – for use with plastics

Included Accessories:

  • Sample securing magnets
  • 2 x Sample clamps
  • 1 x 100g calibration check weight
  • 1 x Calibration attachment with fixing attachments
  • Traceable calibration certificate

Optional Accessories:

Optional Accessory

Simple sample preparation with the Hanatek USC has been designed for the simple cutting of samples for the packaging industry. Additional Dies can be configured to cut samples for most test types including: friction, tensile, grammage, O2 permeability, CO2 permeability, WVTR, rub resistance, carton crease, carton stiffness and many more.

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