MFFT Water Re-circulation Unit Rhopoint

MFFT Water Re-circulation Unit Rhopoint

The MFFT re-circulating unit from Rhopoint allows the operation of the Minimum Film Forming Temperature Instrument in laboratories that do not have access to a suitable water supply.

For laboratories that do have a suitable water supply this is an environmentally friendly option of recirculating the cooling water from the instrument. Placed on a desk top or in cupboard underneath the instrument, the recirculation unit is quiet enough to be operated in a working laboratory.


  • Environmentally friendly- the unit re-cycles waste water from the MFFT
  • Quiet operation- 55bB(A) @ 1 metre
  • 2 Years parts, one year labour warranty
  • Plug in and use- cooling preset by Rhopoint
  • Low cost of purchase and operation
  • 330 x 315 x 515mm

Calibration service available please ask for a price.

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