Carton Open Force Tester

Carton Open Force Tester

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

Carton Open Force Tester For determining accurately and quickly the force required to erect and open cartons and boxes.

On high speed and automated packing lines it important to the know the force required to, erect and open boxes and cartons. Controlling this can greatly improve lines speeds and run-ability. The Carton Open Force Tester measures the maximum force to erect the folded packaging this helps the operators configure the controls of the line to ensure it is the most productive it can be.

The Carton Open Force Tester can be supplied with accessories to perform other tests such as, bending, tensile strength, static & dynamic coefficients of friction etc.

Carton Open Force Tester Standard Features

  • Supplied with 15″ laptop
  • Testing software, with statistics
  • Video capture of the test
  • Robust and stiff design for greater accuracy
  • 50 N load cell
  • Quick return to start position


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