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Benefits of Accessories and Printers

Data is meaningless without a record. We stock a selection of printers and accessories designed to assist in your work, recording key findings and data quickly and efficiently. Our thermal printers, statistics printers, and matrix needle printers work alongside your balances to instant labels, weights, and statistics.

Along with printers we also offer other accessories. We stock the CFS-A03 signal lamp. The signal lamp provides visual support for weighing and lets you know when you are approaching a target weight.. Our accessories are all designed to be used in conjunction with other instruments and allow you to create bespoke measurement systems.


Portable, Integrated Accessories

Our printers use the latest printing technology and can record several different units of measurement. They are easy to program and compact, saving you precious worktop space.

Kern is renowned for creating the most accurate balances available and we are proud to bring their leading technology to your office, lab or manufacturing team. For more information on compatibility or different methods of printing please contact us. We’ll be happy to assist in any way we can.


AML Instruments – Tried and Trusted

We have been at the forefront of instrumentation for over 40 years. Our customer service, competitive pricing and UKAS accreditation are second to none and we strive to offer products you can trust. For more information about our range of accessories and printers, please contact us or click on the Find Out More buttons.