September 14, 2014

Tensile Testers With LabVIEW Software Customised


Tensile Testers With LabVIEW give you endless testing possibilities

We can produce bespoke software for our range of Tensile Testers and Universal Testing Machines. Our engineer is LabVIEW Certified and has many years experience of writing complex test programs for an range of industries. If you have a need for specialist software for Tensile or Compression testing AML can help, our development costs are less than you would expect.

Our Tensile Testers already have powerful software but with our ability to write you your own software the testing possibilities are endless. Our latest project has been for a loadcell manufacture who wanted to fully automate their calibration and testing routine which incorporates our Universal Testing Machine and also a high accuracy Digital Multimeter. Once the loadcell is loaded and the start button is pressed the rest of the test is fully automated including the recording of the results from the Universal Testing Machine and Digital Multimeter.


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