November 15, 2018

CNC Mill & Lathe For Tensile Specimen Preparation


We have teamed up with TensileMill CNC from the USA to supply some incredible simple and easy to use CNC Mills & Lathes which are specially designed for the preparation of tensile specimens. These CNC machines are for use by tensile machine operators and do not require the specialist training which you would need with a traditional CNC machine. This combined with competitive pricing make these a very attractive option for machining your own tensile specimens in house with the minimum of fuss.

The integrated CNC Mach4 tensile sample preparation software is capable of achieving milling results for flat and round specimens, in mere seconds, with one or two pushes of a button. The added bonus of CNC Carbon Controller allows the operators to use the machines as both tensile sample preparation and standard CNC units.

The unparalleled value lies in the combination of high quality tensile specimen finish and the tremendous time savings achieved through the machine’s intuitive software. The equipment is designed to be operated by any level of engineer experience to achieve up-to industry standard tensile samples every time

If you are testing, manufacturing or a production facility that requires preparation of tensile samples or other CNC machining services in-house, you can greatly benefit from the TensileMill CNC’s line up of tensile sample preparation equipment.

Round Tensile Specimen Preparation Machine CNC Lathe

Flat Tensile Specimen Preparation Machine from TensileMill CNC


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