March 7, 2021

25% Off Ohaus Pioneer Promotion 25% Off!


We are running a special promotion for Ohaus Pioneer Precision & Analytical balances until the 31st May. Use Code BQBXZH65 for an extra 10% off online or state the code on your purchase order. 

Ohaus Pioneer Promotion

Ohaus Pioneer Promotion

Combining Economy and High Performance
Affordably priced and intuitively designed for intelligent operation in laboratory, industrial and education settings, the Pioneer PX combines essential functionality with competitive performance in an expanded range offering Analytical & Precision models.

Features include:

  • Second line display which provides additional information or guidance to the user
  • Static removal bar which provides a convenient grounding location, and discharges any static that may have accumulated
  • RS232 and USB ports which allow for easy connectivity to PCs and PLCs

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